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7 Jul

The Secretary of Defense: Army General Toughy Byjove.

Rough in body, stocky and massive, as in spirit, almost always with his huge cigar between his teeth, always ready to launch a military attack against some foreign state, he gets excited like a child when he sees the possibility of war.

Growing up in a family of soldiers, he always distinguished himself for his sense of discipline, his spirit of sacrifice and his high performance in sports, while when it came to studying, his profit fell sharply, with the exception of the strategies and history of military tactics.

High school coincided with his adolescence, which compromised his performance in the most demanding subjects. On the other hand, he became the champion of the military college in all sports disciplines and the undisputed king of Risiko.

With the end of high school he entered the army, vowing to devote his entire life to the defense of his country, the people, honor, cigars, football and Risiko.

Always volunteer for all wars and military missions, he collected medals of valor. When Super Dan asked him to join, his first comment was: “Finally a true patriot!  Now I’ve found someone worthy to play risk with”. He always wears his uniform with his saber at his side, which he often shed.

Super Dan
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