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7 Jul

The Secretary of the Treasury: Oliver Bell.

Appreciative, anxious, the delicate moments of political life often cause him agitation, all exacerbated by a congenital hypochondria. He thinks that any symptom could be a sign of a pathology, he always has anxiety in his pockets and a few bottles of pills.

The only son of an upper middle-class family, who bet all their ambitions on him, Oliver was educated to study from an early age. The Monopoly game was added to his pastimes, but with more penalties for those who could not increase their capital.

During his growth a concept was imprinted on him: the economy holds the world.  It was at that time that the asthma inhaler became a regular guest in Oliver’s jacket.

Princeton University welcomed him with open arms as one of the most promising minds of the new generation, while he began to think he was affected by 50% of the world’s diseases. After a multinational company and finally a 30-year experience abroad. Among the best economists in the world, Super Dan chose him to join his staff. He brought a suitcase full of medicines with him to the presidential house.

Super Dan
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