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7 Jul

The housekeeper of the Big House: Ms Ingrid Brontenserious.

Austrian, the women of her family for generations have been the housekeepers of the most prominent families. Having moved to Mont of Groovia for years, she met Super Dan’s wife, winning her respect and esteem. After the presidential victory she was hired by her, despite the contrary opinion of her husband, often “taken back” by her for his “venial sins”. So Mrs. Gwendoline wanted her at her side, a trusted and always vigilant ally, who sees and listens to everything that happens in the Big House, and who also watches over her husband.

An energetic middle-aged woman, she’s in charge of making every service at the Big House run smoothly: from the kitchen to the cleaning.Sometimes she runs around the Big House with a riding crop under her arm, and it’s not unusual for her to use it from time to time!

Super Dan
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