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7 Jul

Super Dan’s wife: Gwendoline.

Twenty years younger than her husband, strong, intelligent and faithful to her husband, because she knows the consequences of a possible scandal. She married him out of convenience, but she knows how to be by his side on all public occasions, always elegant and fit with diet and fitness. She tries in vain to impose the same healthy lifestyle on her husband.

Of humble origins, she studied and worked and soon realized that her beauty could change her life. That’s why she began her modeling career. Fifteen years ago the meeting of life: Daniel Kramp, at the end of a fashion show, invited her to dinner. He was rich and swaggering, she was ambitious, and right from the start they made a perfect couple. She left the fashion world to become Mrs. Kramp.

The ceremony was celebrated, by Super Dan’s choice, in “The Episcopal Stroboscopic Sparkling Church of Gobbledegook Shiny Head of Jerk City”.

During the campaign she has always supported her husband and chaired several charities.

She has only one flaw: shopping, without brakes and, of course, with her husband’s credit card, to which she manages to sneak it out in all sorts of ways.

Super Dan
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