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7 Jul


Country: The United States of Mont of Groovia, imaginary land located between Mexico and the United States of America of President Donald Trump.

City: Kensington D.C. , capital.

Location: Big House, presidential building.

The scene of the action will often be the Big House, the large two-storey presidential building with large basements and surrounded by 7,000 square meters of garden, where the newly elected President moves with his family.

Its two main facades are in full neoclassical style, the South Green and the North Green.

It’s located in Kensington D.C. (District of Columbella), the United States capital of Mont of Groovia, in honor of John Kensington, first president.

It’s at the number 1,000 of “Tarantella Avenue”, formerly founded by Italian emigrants, and has welcomed all the Presidents of Mont of Groovia, who have left their mark there, together with the numerous rooms for all kinds of activities. A complete wellness centre, the armor and weapons room, with antique pieces, the jogging path wanted by President Flinstone together with the seven-seater Jacuzzi, nothing is missing in the presidential residence.

In the garden there are two adjacent fields, one for archery for bows and arrows, and the other for target shooting dedicated to firearms.

Which rooms will the new President Daniel Kramp build during his years in office? We’ll see it in the course of the episodes…

Super Dan
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