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7 Jul


Once upon a time, in a place far away there was a prince charming…well…far away…it depends on where you live…and the time…that’s relative too. As for prince charming, then,  a two hundred pounds guy with a toupee on his head, would you call him prince charming?

All right, then.

There was a country today, between the United States of America of President Donald Trump and Mexico, called Mont of Groovia, born about two hundred years ago.  The Caribbean Sea, the beautiful landscapes, the mountain ranges of the interior, a happy population, a thriving economy, in short everything would make you believe that it’s a true paradise, the ideal land in which to live.

Until one day the presidential election came…

And with them what seemed to be a real Eden was about to become hell.

Between earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, the worst of the natural disasters struck Mont of Groovia: Daniel Kramp had won the elections, he had become the new President of the United States of Mont of Groovia. That’ s like saying that Donald Duck had just been appointed UN Secretary General.

Here is the Big House, the huge two-storey presidential building, with large basements and surrounded by 7,000 square meters of garden, where the newly elected President moves with his family.

And he, Daniel Kramp, was the new tenant of the Big House, an overgrown child in his sixties, always brash and confident, vain and uncontrollable, who in fact loved the nickname “Super Dan”. His idol was his neighbor Donald Trump.

While for the new President, moving to the Big House was a duty, the most important members of the new government could choose to live there for the duration of their term of office, in order to avoid wasting time and to better fulfill their duties.

But with a new president like Daniel Kramp this choice had become an obligation, with the hope of limiting the damage…

Every internal problem, such as the initiatives for employment and economic growth, or international, such as the crisis with North Korea, which the government has to deal with, as well as every recurrence and celebration, such as the Oktoberfest and St. Patrick’s Day, is intended to turn into a tragicomic adventure, especially because of Super Dan…

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Super Dan
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