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7 Jul

Secretary of the Interior: Benjamin Wright.

He has always been interested in his studies, and thanks to the sacrifices of his family and his evening work he managed to brilliantly achieve a degree in Business Administration.

He was immediately hired by an important company, in which he showed off from the beginning, but he chose to enter politics to really help others, in the first years in small city assignments, and then moved on to the staff of the Governor of his state.

He’s the youngest Interior Secretary of Mont of Groovia ever. 

In fact, he was chosen by President Daniel Kramp’s staff because of these characteristics, so that he would give a semblance of credibility, “the good man lent to politics”.

Despite everything he never loses hope of changing things for the better, he remains an incurable optimist, an idealist convinced that he can change even Super Dan one day!

If a citizen is honest and goes into politics, his choices will be based on clearly on the morality that has inspired his entire life to be human. This is the man Benjamin Wright.

Super Dan
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