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7 Jul

The Chief of Staff of the Big House: James Moore.

Born and raised in England, in one of the best English families, where school and culture have shaped his 100% “British” personality.

University of Oxford and then Master in International Business. Self-control, detachment, lucidity in the most difficult moments, are mixed with cynicism and sarcasm. He has lived in the East, expert in international buying and selling of goods or services and the execution of contracts or Joint-Venture.

He worked in India and then in Australia. After about 20 years of international experience, he landed in the United States of Mont of Groovia in a major multinational company.

A person of great balance, lucid in analyzing international contexts, brilliant mind, diplomatic attitudes, reflective, is the exact opposite of the instinctive and childish Daniel Kramp.

Chosen for this position because of his vast experience, he is the head of cabinet, he directs the staff in the service of the President, of which he’s one of the most important advisors. Without him it would be chaos, for the President a stinging guardian angel.

He often stings Super Dan with sour jokes, but he does not spare other colleagues on the presidential staff either. His sarcasm, in fact, mixed to the imperturbable English aplomb, sparing no one.

Nosy enough, he remains a valuable ally of Super Dan.

A man of great culture, he has always been a lover of literature and theatre, ready to discuss classical poems with anyone, and has always loved classical music.

Super Dan
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